Welcome to the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Flute Studio under the instruction of             Ms. Sarah Tran!   

Why should I take flute lessons?

... because our flute family is AWESOME!!!  But also...

Private flute lessons are offered as a supplement to classroom instruction.  Each of my incredible students are unique and have different strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles that may be overlooked in a full band rehearsal.  Similar to working with a personal trainer, taking a weekly flute lesson ensures that each student receives special individual attention for the quickest and most valuable way to success.

~ See Studio Policies Below ~

The Flute Studio of Sarah Tran: Policies & Procedures


The Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District offers music students the opportunity to study privately through an organized private lesson program.  Private lessons are offered as a supplement to classroom instruction and enrollment is completely voluntary, yet highly recommended.



1.    Be fully prepared for each lesson

2.    Purchase repertoire as required by private study

3.    Participate in all events required as a condition of private study and/or band program

4.    Notify Ms. Tran within 24 hours if a lesson is to be canceled unless there is an emergency



Flute lessons will be taught at the school the student attends and will be scheduled by Ms. Tran based upon availability of time.  Lessons may be scheduled during the student’s band class, during lunch and before/after school.  Students are expected to notify Ms. Tran at least 24 hours in advance of missing a scheduled lesson (with the exception of sudden illness or emergency).  Excused absences (school testing, band events, sickness with proper notice, or school change of scheduling) can be made up or refunded as determined by the instructor.  Unexcused absences (forgetting about a lesson, absence without notification) will not be refunded or made up by the instructor.  Should Ms. Tran be unable to teach a lesson, the missed lesson will be made-up or refunded.



The district rate is $18.00 per lesson.  Lessons run between twenty-five and thirty minutes, depending on the length of the band class.  The private lesson instructor will be paid directly at the time of the lesson or monthly by cash or check (payable to Sarah Tran).  Limited private lesson scholarships may be available.  Check with the student’s band director for eligibility requirements. 


Students may stop taking lessons at any time, so long as all dues have been paid.  A student may be dropped by the instructor for excessive absences, failure to make satisfactory progress or unacceptable behavior.  The instructor may postpone a student’s lesson if they are behind on payments until their dues are caught up to date. 


Should you have specific questions about any part of the private lesson program, please contact Sarah Tran or the student’s band director.